Brazilian surfing stars enter "Delirium: A Trip of Madness"

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The best Brazilian surfers of the 21st century have entered "Delirium: A Trip of Madness", a surf movie by Pablo Aguiar. Gabriel Medina, Miguel Pupo, Alejo Muniz, Adriano de Souza, Jean da Silva, Thiago Camarão and many other riders are on their way to glory. The path towards a world surfing title...

Jack Perry vence os Wingman Trials para o Rip Curl Pro Bells...

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Jack Perry a caminho da aguardada vitória. Foto: Rip Curl

Saca VS Alejo e Adriano em Bells | Round 1

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O Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach já está quase a começar e a ASP já libertou a grelha de heats inicial. John John Florence, Miguel Pupo e Fred Patacchia continuam lesionados e retiraram-se do evento, dando espaço outros menos usuais. O Indonésio Oney Anwar ao ser convidado para wildcard neste evento...

Leo Fioravanti in Semifinale a Bells Beach

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Mentre si aspetta l’inizio del Rip Curl Pro, seconda tappa ASP WCT, a Bells Beach si sta svolgendo il Rip Curl Grom Search, il contest dedicato agli juniores in cui il nostro Leonardo Fioravanti è già approdato al terzo round, …

Zorro is the surfing piglet

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A surfing piglet has been riding waves in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. The newest surf pet star is named Zorro. The Kiwi surfing community has a new friend. Zorro is a piglet who surfs waves. He loves to hit the warms waters of his local spot with Matthew Bell, his best friend. Zorro started surfin...


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Escaping the East Coast's springtime doldrums.

Vídeo - Wilko no Quik Pro

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O backside de Matt Wilkinson está a ficar cada vez mais patenteado... Foto: ASP

Enjoy The Feel. Craig Anderson en Mexico.

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Sobre Craig Anderson está casi todo dicho...pero cuando veas este vídeo seguro que una vez más te deja con la boca abierta.

Vídeo - 2012 segundo Eric Geiselman

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E esta rotação? Brincadeira, não?

Lafuma : Lafuma Postpones Stock Sale in Wake of Earnings War...

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Postpones Stock Sale in Wake of Earnings Warning


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Eric Geiselman cleans out his hard-drive and puts together this little clip with a few bonus waves from Dane.

Fifty Shades Of Blue: An Interview with Jack McCoy

Source: The Inertia

Ben Marcus: Where are you, right now? Jack McCoy: Lovely downtown Burbank, at my brother’s house. Trying to pick up the vibe from Pixar across the street. BM: ?I don’t mind Burbank. The streets are clean. What are you wearing? JM: A Terry Chung surfboards t-shirt and the jeans I wore when the Mr...

The Graves + Toth – Puerto Rico

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Featuring Dylan Graves, Josie Graves, Dane Gudauskas, Cory Lopez, Brian Toth “When you live in Isabela, life is this fucking good.” — Natural Cut

Compass_ing Teaser

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Another excellent Cyrus Sutton production, in the pipeline.

Zak Noyle | Billy Kemper, Pipeline

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Billy Kemper, Pipeline. Photo: Noyle


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Envíanos tu foto para la FOTO DEL DIA a>

Dusty Payne vence o Margaret River Pro 2013

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O Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2013 foi marcado por ondas grandes, wipeouts dolorosos e uma quantidade incrível de interferências. Os melhores brasileiros do campeonato no oeste australiano foram Alejo … Mais


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Announcing 2012/23 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Award nominees


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Top 34 back to work at iconic, challenging, coldwater reefbreak


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San Clemente charger nabs overall title after three-event season

Greg Long campeón del Big Wave World Tour

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A pesar de haber sufrido un grave accidente a mitad de temporada, el charger de San Clemente ha demostrado por qué es uno de los más respetados del planeta.

Surfing Sacred and Surfing Profane

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You might be tied to the “grommet pole” in the car park, force-fed booze, stripped, smeared with excrement, whipped with leashes and left overnight. You, the “fekkingfaggottyfaceddickheadturdeatingbutthole” had, after all, violated the unwritten rules of etiquette, failing to recognize the ...

2013 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Trailer

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Watch all the action at March 27 through April 7

Isabela life. Tubazos en Puerto Rico.

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Isabela es uno de los epicentros surferos de la que se conoce como "La isla del encanto". Allí viven los mejores surferos boricuas, como los hermanos Graves y Brian Toth, y siempre cuentan con la visita de muchos surferos de la costa este de USA. En este caso les vemos acompañados por gente como...

Compass_ing Teaser

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Compass_ing is an inner-worldly surf adventure to the North Pole and beyond coming soon. Supported by REEF, starring good surfers and good waves, Compass_ing is produced by KORDUROY with music by THE BLANK TAPES.

Interview: Swingin’ Utters’ Johnny Bonnel

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For twenty-five years, the San Francisco-based band has blessed the punk rock community with aggressive songs fueled with grit, honesty and catchy instrumentation. And on their latest record, Poorly Formed, the band continues to deliver in reliable fashion.

Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem Highlights

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Mayhem at Hookipa for the annual event for the kids of Maui