Numb: Cold Water Surfing Book, buy it online

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Six years of travel, searching, cold water surfing & adventure in one photographic travelogue. Surfer Ian Battrick and photographer Tim Nunn have spent months in some of the wilder places in the Northern Hemisphere and this is their story of times where their paths crossed in 200 pages of rich p...

Morocco 2013 roll #1

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First roll of film from a couple of weeks in Morocco, this ones from my Olympus Trip35  Read more:

Student Surf Tour Watergate: Results

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The Student Surf Tour's Watergate leg of the 2012/13 Inter University Surfing League returned to Tolcarne, Newquay yesterday to host the annual surfing competition in what event organisers described as 'optimum' conditions.   38mph winds died off after the first few heats, and with blue skies pre...

offshore gales and low tide

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This Monday morning at Harlyn it’s a dropping tide and with a strong increasing offshore wind, the waves look dramatic. A couple of bodyboarders were in at the top of the beach and a couple down by the point but it was the lefts in the middle of the beach with no one out the looked high risk h...

Roxy launches 'Dare Yourself'

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ROXY, a division of Quiksilver, Inc., announces the launch of Dare Yourself, a global social media campaign and contest to inspire women to challenge themselves to push limits and live unique lives. Five contestants from around the world will win a trip of a lifetime with ROXY professional athletes,...

21 Photos of Bali’s at its Best

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Allie Gray, also known as Alliecat, is a 22-year-old photographer and artist based in New Jersey. She has recently earned her BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

What’s a Shark Bite Worth? $1,000,000, Says ORCA

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We really do prefer these devices simply do their jobs so we don't have to find out how valid this guarantee is.

The Big Paddle: “Paddle Until You Can Paddle No More”

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He was wearing a wetsuit, his old one, a little tight around the gut, but it still wore fairly well. Muk didn’t need the warmth, especially into death.

Ian Walsh’s 10th Annual Menehune Mayhem

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Walsh's event sees record number