Visit LIVE with slab-hunter & film maker Tim Bonython

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25 February, 2017 - LIVE: From watching Aaron Gold drown to being stuck under a capsized boat, Tim Bonython’s been through a lot. Now the veteran film maker will drop in with Surfersvillage for a special Facebook LIVE episode to share stories and answer...

Health Insurance Fund renews Surfing Australia deal

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25 February, 2017 - INDUSTRY: The Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) has renewed their support for surfing across the country for 2017. Now in its fourth consecutive year, the partnership with Surfing NSW and other surfing state bodies, helps...

Best & brightest light up Day 1 of Sydney Grommet Challe...

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25 February, 2017 - GROMS: The 2017 Sydney Grommet Challenge got off to a flying start today as the opening weekend of the Australian Open of Surfing kicked off in tricky two-foot waves at Manly Beach.

Bali's Zero Waste to Oceans event tackles litter problem

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25 February, 2017 - ENVIRONMENT: The conference kick off with 6 minute introduction video, produced by Fay Moffat, sponsored by the Danish Embassy in Indonesia. This video shows some very graphic and sad underwater and beach footage of the massive solid...

Quarterfinalists decided as Newcastle Surfest roars to life

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25 February, 2017 - WSL QS: Super Saturday Newcastle Surfest has brought with it an increase in swell, massive crowds and non-stop action for day 6 of competition. The Quarterfinalists have been decided for both the Maitland and Port Stephens Toyota Pro...

Proving It At Pe’ahi - New and old faces score uncrowded J...

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The post Proving It At Pe’ahi appeared first on SURFER Magazine.

El Punta Galea Challenge no se celebrará este año

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Como se esperaba, la duodécima edición del Punta Galea Challenge, prueba puntuable para el circuito mundial de surf de olas grandes que se iba a celebrar en Getxo ha sido suspendida por segundo año consecutivo al no darse las condiciones idóneas durante el periodo de espera que finaliza el próx...

Jbay Open & Closed

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Uno de los vídeos que más me han gustado esta semana. El estilazo de Slater, la perfección de Jeffreys Bay...

Conor Maguire’s Terrifying Mullaghmore Barrel

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Mullaghmore is one of those waves that most people love to say they'd love to surf.

This Is the World’s First Global Plan to Save the Coral Re...

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Deciding which reefs will be saved isn't a simple process. Since reef systems are inherently complicated, researchers need to break things down to simple parts.

Watch this wave of Derrick Disney – Seriously, this is so...


We just flew on the Red Eye to New York City and landed at 6:00 am. I was sitting in a real deal, non-Uber Technologies NYC taxi cab, deliriously listening to Migos at dawn and saw this wave of Derrick Disney come by on my Instagram feed and I seriously fucking hooted. Right there in...

Corner pocket in Santa Cruz wharf. Photo: @kenanchan


source= pocket in Santa Cruz wharf. Photo: @kenanchan&url=

Derrick Disney Surfs a Single Fin Like No Other

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For those of you who've experimented with single fins, you know they're a completely different ball game.

Nunca se rinde

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Mick Fanning nunca se rinde ni se conforma con menos. La entrada Nunca se rinde aparece primero en Radical Surf Magazine.

Here are 3 Things Your Tongue Says About Your Health

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The tongue says a lot about how you're feeling.

Tracing the history of freeskiing through 4 iconic skiers

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At the end of last month, Red Bull released a new 30-minute documentary titled Generations of Freeskiing and teased it with a short video showcasing 50 years of freeskiing style condensed into three minutes. RELATED: Red Bull showcases 5 decades of freeskiing style in 3 minutes; video It was an amus...

Stop microfiber pollution from entering the ocean with Guppy...

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The creators of the Guppy Friend, Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spies, have one goal: keep fleece and microfiber particles out of the ocean waters, out of the stomachs of marine creatures, and subsequently, out of the stomachs of humans that ingest said marine life. Every day, plastic microfibers relea...

Snaketales Goldie Training Camp

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Leo Fioravanti e i suoi amici si allenano duramente per l’inizio della stagione agonistica nel nuovo episodio del coach Jake “The Snake” training in Gold Coast  

Eastern Roads

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Después de ver tantos vídeos de surfistas foráneos en Indonesia se agradece ver cómo los surfistas locales son los protagonistas.Muklis Anwar y Made Adi Putra conocen como poco los secretos de estas islas.

Lost in Baja

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El inseparable amigo de Mason Ho, Cheesburger, es el protagonista junto con algunos otros integrantes del equipo Lost, de este pequeño surfari a Baja California.

Inside Ando’s New Flick - Craig Anderson talks video parts...

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Somewhere between his Gerry Lopez-esque bottom turns, and his sky-high rotations, Craig Anderson never ceases to captivate on screen. Case in point: his recent 7-minute edit (“Luxury $29.99, above) for Former, the new clothing brand Anderson started with Dane Reynolds and pro skater Austyn Gillett...


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CADIZFORNIA es sol, olas, música, charlas, gastronomía, moda, deporte y familia; llega cerrando la puerta al gris invierno y como antesala del cálido ambiente primaveral. Este año volvemos a apostar por la misma fórmula innovadora, esa que nos hace una pizca diferentes a los demás y que tan b...

Cheeseburger in (Mexican) Paradise

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If you want to be an American frat boy without going to college, Cabo is the place to do it.

10-year-old boy bitten by deadly spider in Australia ‘give...

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The Australian funnel-web spider is considered by some as the most deadly spider in the world. Its highly venomous bite is said to be quite painful and can be fatal without treatment. Fortunately, the parents of Matthew Mitchell recognized the importance of getting their son immediate help after rea...

Four adaptive surfers embark on tropical trip, soul searchin...

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24 February, 2017 - VIDEO: XTreme Video creator Horue has just launched a new trailer for the movie ALIVE. The film follows four adaptive surfers who share an adventure in the Mentawai.

Surfest: Bronte Macaulay downs Steph Gilmore at QS6000

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24 February, 2017 - WSL QS: The field has been whittled down at Surfest Newcastle as Round Four of the Maitland and Port Stephens Toyota and Anditi Women’s Pros have been completed. The world’s best surfers were treated to 2-to-3 foot clean waves at the...

New Zealand grom series hits full stride this week

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24 February, 2017 - GROMS: The second event of the 2017 Billabong Grom Series presented by Oceanbridge is being held at Piha this weekend as the best juniors in the country switch coasts. Another action packed weekend of surfing is expected at Piha with...

Kai Lenny & Izzi Gomez crowned Champs at APP event

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24 February, 2017 - SUP: Sunset Beach delivers great conditions for a spectacular finals day that saw dramatic action from start to finish and Champions crowned at Stop #1 of the 2017 APP World Tour. The day started out with anxiety for organizers as ther

Indonesia to Reduce Plastic Wastes by 70 Percent

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The Indonesian government is committed to reducing plastic wastes by 70 percent by the end of 2025, initiated with the launch of a national action plan for tackling plastic wastes in oceans The post Indonesia to Reduce Plastic Wastes by 70 Percent appeared first on

France is offering over $200 to any citizen who buys an elec...

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As more people across the globe are starting to realize the multitude of benefits presented by bicycle commuting, some governments are trying to find ways to increase cycling rates. RELATED: 5 awesome tips to help you start bike commuting And last week, France introduced a new, innovative way to get...